Moment dangerous overtake almost causes head on collision in Cornwall

  • Dangerous driving in the South West caught on camera

A record number of videos featuring illegal driving in the South West were sent to police last month.

More than 700 videos were sent to Devon and Cornwall Police in August as part of Operation Snap. This initiative aims to identify unlawful driving so police can take action against motorists.

Other road users have filmed the footage which includes illegal overtaking, vehicles jumping red lights and near misses.

More than half of the videos sent in by the public were subject to action from police, with 246 notices of intended prosecution and 172 warnings being issued.

Vision Zero South West (VZSW), the road safety partnership covering Devon and Cornwall, has released a selection of video clips to highlight the variety of offences Operation Snap collated.

Adrian Leisk, Head of Road Safety for Devon and Cornwall Police and chair of VZSW's enforcement group said: "It has been a very busy summer for Op Snap, with the number of submissions consistently increasing over the past three months.

"While it is clearly worrying that so many instances of dangerous driving are being witnessed on our roads, it's encouraging that members of the public are submitting footage of poor driving."

He said the force has been able to take action against 8,586 drivers since the campaign began, and thanked the public for their support.

"We are so grateful for the public's support in addressing a real issue of concern," he said.

"We have 13,670 miles of road network and cannot be everywhere, but you are."

He added: "These drivers would have escaped prosecution without this partnership with responsible drivers.

"We want drivers to think twice before making that risky decision."

Mr Liesk said it's not getting caught that drivers should be worried about.

"Many of the instances we see could have easily escalated into collisions causing serious and potentially even fatal injuries," he said.

In 2022, 48 people were killed and 738 were seriously injured on Devon and Cornwall's roads.

Mr Liesk said he hopes the partnership will halve all serious and fatal injuries on the roads by 2030.