Look inside the Victorian pharmacy that's been barely touched for 114 years

Bottles are covered in cobwebs on the shelves of the chemist. Credit: Media Wales

A Somerset pharmacy which was boarded up in the early 1900s remains almost exactly the same more than 100 years later - only now, it's in Cornwall.

The Victorian time capsule in South Petherton was discovered in the 1980s when the shop's then-owner Margaret White died.

The shop had been shut since 1971, when Margaret had decided to close it rather than convert to using decimal coins.

When the auctioneer went to have a look around in 1987, they discovered the back half of the shop was entirely sealed off.

It turned out that, hidden behind the boardings, there was an entire Victorian chemist which had been run by Margaret's grandfather William White.

Hundreds of items were transferred from the original chemist shop to their new home in Cornwall. Credit: Media Wales

It is believed that Mr White's son Charles, who took over the shop following his death, was not qualified to practise pharmacy and so sealed off the back half of the shop.

The contents of the shop were put up for sale separately from the building itself and were bought by Flambards theme park in Cornwall.

The team there then began the painstaking process of rebuilding the Victorian chemist exactly as it was.

While they used almost all of the original stock that was sealed away when William White died, some of it was confiscated by the Home Office due to the fact it contained dangerous compounds and poisons.

Take a look around the Victorian chemist below...

The shop has been put back together piece by piece. Credit: Media Wales
Boxes of herbs which would have been used for medicine can be found in the chemist. Credit: Media Wales
The original owner of the chemist shop William White is still honoured by the front of the shop. Credit: Media Wales
All of the items inside the pharmacy were bought by Flambards and transferred. Credit: Media Wales
Some familiar brand names are on display. Credit: Media Wales
A display of large jars containing liquid herbal medicine used in the Victorian period. Credit: Media Wales
Weighing scales would be used against measurements to serve patrons. Credit: Media Wales
Alcohol was frequently used for medical purposes in the time of the original chemist shop. Credit: Media Wales
This dusty type writer would have been used to create prescriptions and labels. Credit: Media Wales
The counter of the chemist would have been used to serve a variety of necessities to patrons. Credit: Media Wales