Melanie Hall: The unsolved murder of woman who disappeared from Bath nightclub

  • Watch ITV News' report from 2016, including at interview with Melanie's parents

The unsolved murder of a woman whose body was found by the M5 after disappearing from Bath is the focus of a new documentary. 

‘The Body in the Bag: The Murder of Melanie Hall’ will be aired on Channel 5 on 28 September at 9pm. 

The 90-minute documentary tells the story of 25-year-old Melanie Hall who was last seen at 1.10am on 9 June 1996 when she was sat on a stool in Cadillacs nightclub, now the Walcot House, in Bath. 

She was sat on a stool in Cadillacs nightclub Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

On 5 October 2009, more than 13 years after her disappearance, Melanie’s remains were found by a workman next to the northbound slip road of the M5 at junction 14. 

Melanie’s killer was never caught. Now the police and her family hope this new documentary will trigger someone to come forward with information.

The documentary features interviews with Melanie’s family and senior investigating officer Supt James Riccio.  

Steve, Melanie's father, says in the documentary: “When Melanie was murdered, it wasn’t just one person’s life that was taken, it changed and ruined many lives after. Mine, my wife’s, my daughter’s, my mother’s – there’s obviously someone out there, and probably some people out there, who know what happened to Melanie.

In October 2009 Melanie's body was found on the side of the M5 Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

"If they felt they could come forward with information which led to us finding out what happened to Melanie, then at least we could feel that we’ve done all we can do for our child.

“We’re different people now. That night when she disappeared, we changed – we are not the people we were before. We carry a deep sorrow, a deep grief. We’ve lost something very beautiful and very precious to us that we can’t replace… it’s a family with a piece missing.”

Supt James Riccio, who is leading the investigation, said: “Just one small piece of information could solve this case and help us uncover the truth about what happened to Melanie that night.” 

He said from everything they’ve found out over the years, it is believed that Melanie knew her killer. 

Supt Riccio said: “An E-fit was released as part of a public appeal back in 1996 of a man seen inside Cadillacs nightclub with a woman matching Melanie’s description. This is still very much a focus of our appeal to the public today and we want to know who this man is.

This e-fit was released as part of a public appeal back in 1996 Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

“We’d also like information about an unconfirmed sighting of a woman, potentially matching Melanie’s description, who was engaged in an argument with a man in Old Orchard, around the corner from the nightclub entrance, between 1.45am and 2am. We don’t know whether this was Melanie, so if anyone has further details which could help on this aspect, please call us.

“Someone knows who killed Melanie and someone knows how she ended up at the side of the M5 at junction 14, and these dark secrets need to be brought into the light.”

If you have any information, report it to police. You can also provide information anonymously through the independent charity Crimestoppers, which can be contacted on 0800 555 111.