Motorhome becomes stuck on Padstow residential road in 'sat-nav blunder'

Onlookers said the driver was "in bits". Credit: BPM Media

A motorhome became stuck down a narrow residential road in Padstow in what onlookers believe was due to a "satnav blunder".

The vehicle got trapped in Mill Road late in the afternoon on 25 September.

Photos of the motorhome show it wedged between buildings in a road clearly not suited for larger vehicles. The road is just minutes from the town's harbour.

The motorhome became stuck on the narrow residential road. Credit: BPM Media

One witness, a local delivery driver, saw the incident unfold.

He said: "Late this afternoon a German tourist got his hired motorhome stuck in Mill Road, one of the narrow lanes in Padstow.

"Quite how he got as far as he did is astonishing, why he kept going is a mystery. This is a classic 'user error' sat-nav blunder.

"The poor chap and his missus were in bits, it was impossible not to feel sorry for them, however, they will most certainly remember this visit to Cornwall for a very long time."

Fortunately, the motorhome was eventually driven away.

The delivery driver added: "They (after getting stuck) reversed up to the top of the lane and then, incredibly turned it around and tried to drive down to the Golden Lion.

"By this time the chap had burnt out the clutch, you could smell it from yards away."

Cornwall's roads are set to quieten down after a summer of driving and parking mishaps, including many cars driving on beaches and becoming stuck. In one case a car even ended up in the sea.