Plymouth electrician axes customer's bill after winning postcode lottery

Luke Silver, 34, and his wife Kayleigh with their winnings. Credit: Postcode Lottery

An electrician from Plymouth axed his customer's bill after receiving the news that he'd won the Postcode Lottery.

Luke Silver, 34, was fitting a cooker at a customer's home on Saturday 30 September, when he received a call to say he'd won a share of the Postcode Lottery's weekly millionaire street prize.

The electrician received £100,000, sharing the prize with eight neighbours in the PL6 area of the city.

Luke said: "I was installing a cooker when I came to get my prize.

"When I went back, I told the lady it was free of charge. She said ‘really?’ I said ‘yeah, I’ve had some really good news and I want to pass on the good karma'.

“I think I’ve done something right. I’m the luckiest man on the planet. You never think it is going to happen."

Luke no longer lives at the PL6 address but had kept his ticket, just in case.

He added: "This is the exact reason I wanted to keep the ticket. But you never think it is going to happen.

“I didn’t want to risk cancelling it. I’m definitely going to keep this postcode, and I’ll sign up for our new postcode.”

Luke returned to his old street to pick up the cheque with wife Kayleigh, 35, his parents and in-laws.

“This is a big thing for us. We’ll maybe take the family on a nice holiday.”