Somerset viaduct given ‘major facelift’ to mark 150th birthday 

A team of contractors have worked for five months to finish the work.  Credit: HRE

A viaduct in Somerset has gone through extensive renovations to keep it open for many years to come. 

Extensive renovations have been carried out on the Pensford Viaduct. The viaduct opened in 1873, meaning it turns 150 this year. 

A team of contractors from Hammond ECS have worked for five months to finish the work. 

As the structure is listed they worked closely with the local heritage officer to make sure everything they did was in keeping with the structure’s aesthetic and done to the highest standard. 

Pensford Viaduct turns 150 this year. Credit: HRE

The National Highways’ Historical Railways Estate (HRE) is a collection of over 3,100 structures and assets, 395 in the South West, which were once part of Britain’s rail network. 

This autumn National Highways will celebrate 10 years of looking after the HRE on behalf of the Department for Transport. 

National Highways’ head of HRE programme, Helene Rossiter, said: “Our role is to preserve and keep safe the tunnels, bridges and viaducts in the estate and that is why we’re so proud of the work completed at Pensford Viaduct.

“This stunning structure near Bristol represents an important part of the area’s industrial past, and is enjoyed as part of a popular walking route that runs underneath one of the spans, so we’re delighted to see the repairs completed in time for its 150th birthday.”