Meet the 10-year-old girl volunteering at care home to 'cheer up' residents

  • Watch: ITV West Country's Rob Murphy went to meet the young volunteer

A 10-year-old has become known as the "resident entertainer" at her local care home.

Maddie Lee, from Saltford, started volunteering at Kingfisher Lodge Care Centre during the summer holidays to help cheer the residents up.

Despite now being back at school, she still goes in regularly and says visiting the care home makes her happy.

"Most of the time, whenever I walk into the room, I see their smiles on their face and that makes me smile," Maddie said.

"I get really happy. Whenever I'm giving them drawings or reading to them, they always say thank you and I'm really happy about that."

Maddie Lee has become known as the "resident entertainer" in the care home. Credit: ITV West Country

Maddie does not have any relatives at the care home and her mum said it was completely her own idea to start volunteering there.

Nic Lee said: "Maddie came here a couple of times for parties and things like that, and then she asked to come here to volunteer and entertain the residents.

"It was what she wanted to do, so we spoke to the manager and sorted it all out for her and she hasn't stopped coming."

Care home resident Peggy Menzies even gave Maddie a birthday present. Credit: ITV West Country

Maddie has made many friends at the care home, including Peggy Menzies who said she enjoys Maddie's visits.

Ms Menzies said: "She does drawing. She talks to me. She asks me what I'm going to do, and I ask her what she's going to do next. She's such a perfect girl."

Callum Samways, general manager at Kingfisher Lodge Care Centre said: "When it's a Maddie day in the home, she brings a really, warm energy.

"It's really lovely to see the residents smiling, and it really improves their wellbeing long term."