Foal rescued in 'shocking' state after being separated from mother on Dartmoor

The foal arrived at Hugs Foundation riddled with fly eggs and ticks. Credit: Hugs Foundation

A tiny foal which was separated from its mother on Dartmoor has been rescued in a "shocking" state by a rehabilitation centre in Cornwall.

Hugs Foundation, in Bodmin, rescued the foal who is just weeks old, after being contacted by a local farmer who told the charity she was unlikely to survive the night.

The pony, who has not yet been given a name, was separated from her mum during the pony drifts - the annual roundup of ponies on Dartmoor.

The young animal arrived at the rescue centre covered in cuts and injuries and also has suspected pneumonia.

The foal is just a couple of weeks old. Credit: Hugs Foundation

Laura Dennis, Fundraising Manager at Hugs Foundation, said it is one of the "most shocking" cases they have seen and the animal will need "round the clock" care to survive.

"Unfortunately, she is very poorly from being away from her mum. She is dehydrated, has suspected pneumonia, skin infections and is covered in fly eggs and ticks," she said.

The pony is one of twelve foals which have been separated from their mums during this year's pony drifts.

They are currently being looked after by a local farmer but will be put down if they can't find a new home.

The pony arrived at the rescue centre riddled with fly eggs and ticks. Credit: Hugs Foundation

Each orphan foal costs between £700 and £1100 to rescue, and Hugs Foundation have said they cannot afford to take the animals in unless they raise additional funds.

The charity is hoping to raise £11,000 in the next two weeks to save the animals.

Ms Dennis said it is a "life or death situation" and that it is "vital" the foals are saved.

She added: "These animals are amazing. They can really help our emotional well-being and do a lot to give back to the community.

"The hope is that they'll be rehabilitated and rehomed, and will go out to work in the community as wellbeing ponies."

The fundraising campaign set up by the Hugs Foundation, launches on Monday 9 October.