Meet the Keynsham experts telling us how to pick the perfect pumpkin

  • Watch as Ellie Barker meets Lord and Lady Pumpkin.

The wet summer has made for a bumper crop of big pumpkins this year, as it's created the perfect growing conditions.

Around 100,000 of the spooky squash have been grown at the Avon Valley pumpkin patch in Keynsham.

Last year they had 40,000 visitors over the month of October.

Douglas Douglas and Hannah Douglas own the Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park.

Douglas spoke of the size of the pumpkins this year, saying: "I did see a family at the weekend and they had to chaperone another dad to pick up the pumpkin it was so big."

They have been giving advice on how to pick the perfect pumpkin.

When it comes to pumpkins, there are many different types to choose from.

The top tips for pumpkin picking include:

  • Once you've found a pumpkin it needs to sound like a door knock.

  • It doesn't have to look beautiful as it's Halloween - your pumpkin choice can look weird and wonderful.

  • You can keep a pumpkin for month if you look after it.

  • Make sure you store it in a dry, dark place.

  • If you do get your pumpkin early it's best to leave it until slightly later in the month to carve it.

  • Olive oil helps to polish a pumpkin up and to bring the colour out.

Douglas and Hannah have been growing the squash since June and have 30 different types to choose from.

If someone doesn't want a traditional pumpkin there are other options available.

Hannah Douglas said: "Personally I love a Crown Prince. They stand out beautifully against the oranges for displays but they taste amazing when roasted for soups, risottos, you name it."