Wave benches made from iconic 80-year-old tree unveiled in Bude

The iconic tree fell during severe weather caused by Storm Eunice in 2022 now it's been made into benches.

Benches built from an iconic tree that fell during Storm Eunice have been unveiled.

The Bude Wave benches are crafted from the wood of an 80-year-old tree which came down in  Bude Triangle went on display on 12 October. 

Residents decided to honour the tree's legacy with a sculptural creation that captured the true spirit of Bude. Carpenters from Atlantic Makers made it happen.

“Hopefully, the people of Bude will appreciate them, as for us we’ve enjoyed making them, they’re lovely,” said Atlantic Makers. 

The tree was taken to the councils facilities unit to be cut up.

Kevin Colwill, Bude town councillor said: “These are not just utilitarian benches to park your bum on. They’re little pieces of art, they’ve been made by local craftsmen and they’re there as a symbol of the tree and all the tree stood for.”

Before the benches could be built, the infamous tree was taken to the Bude-Stratton Council’s facilities unit where it was cut into beams.

The beams were cut to eight cm thick and took six to nine months to dry before Atlantic Makers could start creating the benches. 

Atlantic Makers had to wait up to nine months for the wood to dry so they could start building benches. Credit: Atlantic Makers

Jonathan Walter, from Atlantic Makers, said: “The wood arrived as large boards and we’ve been bringing the boards together so that we know they’re all matched up. 

“When it comes to making the benches, we’ve got the boards that made up the branches themselves.” 

Atlantic Makers used templates to create the distinctive wave shape of the Bude Wave benches.

The intention is for the benches to keep the spirit of the tree alive Credit: Atlantic Makers

 They hope that when the people of Bude sit on the benches they will feel like they are genuinely sitting on the iconic tree.

“You can see some of the edges of the branches where they’ve come through and we like to keep some of that because it looks so beautiful,” Jonathan added.

“We’re nothing but delighted with the outcome.”