Lone sailor saved by RNLI at Penzance Harbour in late night rescue during storm

Penlee RNLI's all weather lifeboat, the Ivan Ellen was launched. Credit: Penlee RNLI

A lone sailor has been rescued by RNLI crews in Cornwall after his yacht's propeller stopped working properly during a storm.

Falmouth Coastguard received a call in the early hours of Tuesday 17 October and at 2am Penlee RNLI was requested to launch its all-weather lifeboat, the Ivan Ellen.

Six crew members found the yacht at Penzance Harbour.

Its propeller had been affected due to poor weather conditions and a strong east wind.

A lone yachtsman was rescued by lifeboat crews after getting into difficulty in the early hours of the morning off the Cornish coast. Credit: Penlee RNLI

With shallow water in the harbour, the lifeboat volunteers launched to help the owner clear the propeller and secure the vessel, preventing damage to the yacht.

The yacht’s skipper was then taken ashore and the Y-class boat was recovered back aboard the Penlee lifeboat, which then made its way back to Newlyn.

In response to the incident, Penlee RNLI said: "Always wear a lifejacket on deck and a harness where appropriate.

"If you use a dinghy or tender to access your boat, make sure you always wear your lifejacket.

"Always carry a means of calling for help. Consider having an additional method like the SafeTrx app.

"You can also use this app to plan your voyage, and it can alert the coastguard if you are overdue.

"You should also register your vessel with the coastguard through this app.

"Always check the weather forecast and tide times."