Missing Bristol cat found 140 miles from home in Crewe supermarket

Owners William Earp and Martha Street expressed huge relief after getting their cat back. Credit: CAFO Rescue

A cat has been reunited with its owners after she was found 140 miles away from her Bristol home - in a supermarket warehouse in Crewe.

Nutmeg’s parents were located on 11 October after a charity scanned her microchip, two weeks after Nutmeg first went missing.

Charity workers believe Nutmeg may have stowed away in a van as the distance she travelled seems too long on paw.

The two-year-old cat is healthy but has been “grounded” indefinitely because of her unapproved adventure.

Nutmeg’s owners did everything right in having her microchipped and flagging her as missing on the database. Credit: CAFO Rescue

Sue Steele, CAFO Rescue Adoption coordinator, told ITV West Country what she thought happened to Nutmeg. 

Mrs Steele said: “Nutmeg was in the warehouse in Morrisons, and they put a post on Facebook asking for someone to scan a cat because she’d been there for about four days.”

The charity sent someone to scan the microchip and Mrs Steele processed it and contacted Nutmeg’s owners, who didn’t pick up at first. 

“They rang me back five minutes later because they’ve had so many scams - people telling them they had the cat when they didn’t,” said Mrs Steele. 

She added that 140 miles in two weeks would have most likely been too much for Nutmeg’s “little legs” to handle. 

“We’re assuming she’s got in a van or a car or something,” Mrs Steele added.

"She was missing for two weeks but in the warehouse for four or five days.

Nutmeg was being fed by Morrisons workers in the warehouse for a number of days before they contacted a charity. Credit: PA Images

“We were thinking because there are lots of Morrisons’ distribution centres all over the country -  I think there’s one down near Bristol - whether she’s got in one of those vans...

“Honestly, I wish they could talk. “

Nutmeg’s owners William Earp and Martha Street did everything right by having her Nutmeg microchipped and flagging her as missing on the database, according to CAFO Rescue.

While Mrs Steele said they are “over the moon” to have their furry baby back, “the owners have (also) said they’re keeping her in for a bit. Nutmeg is grounded.”