Pair of beavers saved from drowning in Somerset storm drain

A pair of beavers have been saved from a storm drain that was filled with a metre of dirty water.

Secret World Wildlife Rescue in Highbridge was called to a report of a trapped animal in Frome on Friday 20 October.

When one of the centre's wildlife carers arrived, he realised there were actually two beavers stuck in a drain.

A spokesperson for Secret World said: "It was important to get them out as quickly as possible as they were at risk of drowning if left in the storm drain.

The beavers are being rehabilitated at RSPCA West Hatch in Taunton. Credit: Secret World Wildlife Rescue

"One of the beavers appeared much weaker than the other so it had likely been trapped in the drain for longer."

The beavers were rescued and taken to RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife in Taunton where staff have looked after beavers in the past.

"They spent the night and will be receiving some rehabilitation," the Secret World spokesperson added.