Cornwall bus left stuck in same place for hours due to poorly parked BMW

The bus was stuck for almost two hours. Credit: BPM Media

A bus in Cornwall was left stuck in the same section of its route for hours because of a car that had been parked on a bend.

The 223 service through Launceston in Cornwall was unable to move for almost two hours due to the partially-blocked road.

The bus in question had no passengers at the time, but the driver said the delay caused "major disruption" to the service.

The driver is now urging people to think about larger vehicles when they park.

They said: "I was unable to reverse out of the street as the entrance to the street was right around a blind corner so I was unable to reverse until the depot organised a banksman to come to my location and watch me out to avoid a collision."

The car was parked on a blind bend blocking the route. Credit: BPM Media

It also meant that later buses on the service had to be diverted, missing parts of the route.

"As bus drivers, we do our best to arrive on time and face hails of abuse if running late, but things like this make it impossible to do so on most days," the driver added.

"Bad parking is a constant issue for us. People forget that even a small 8.9 metre long bus weighs 7.5 tonnes unladen and we require a huge amount of space to be able to turn around and manoeuvre."