Pooches of Penzance making a splash for 6th annual 'dog-day' at Jubilee Pool

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500 pooches showed their owners how to doggy-paddle in Penzance on the 6th annual 'dog-day' at Jubilee Pool.

"Organised chaos" was echoed by many attendees as happy dogs made the most of their specially assigned dog day to leap into the lido.

More than 600 people had booked to come to the open-air pool for the morning and afternoon sessions.

Adam Leonard, senior duty manager at the lido says it's their sixth dog day and it always had a special atmosphere.

"It still is pretty fantastic. Tons of dogs. All kind of friendly. Tons of friendly owners as well."

Some puppies watched on as the bigger dogs had fun in the open air pool Credit: ITV News

While some owners were hoping the experience would "tire out" their dogs, others used the shallow pool as an opportunity to get their nervous dogs used to the water.

Some families told ITV West Country how they had travelled hundreds of miles to be there and others had based their holiday trip down to West Cornwall based on when the dog day was scheduled at the pool.

Adam says it's certainly grown in popularity over the last few years.

"We hear a lot of people talking about booking their holidays and stuff around it. It's become a huge event on its own really," he said.

Sunday 29 October marks the final day of the season for Jubilee Pool, so the water will be emptied and deep cleaned before it's reopened to the public again.