How Looe is preparing for Storm Ciaran - after floods and landslides

Harbour Commissioners start to dismantle a pontoon ahead of the storm Credit: ITV West Country

People in Looe in Cornwall have experienced flooding and a landslip in recent days, and now they’re preparing for the arrival of Storm Ciaran.

Preparations are being put in place for the arrival of the storm, with the chance of gale force winds and heavy rain.

Looe’s Harbour Commissioners have decided to move one of their pontoons upstream. It's being dismantled and then a crane will lift it to safety.

David Jackman, Loee’s Assistant Harbour Master said: “Luckily, the crane company's been good enough to squeeze in. We’ll lift it off, then tow it up first thing in the morning.

“We’ve also brought the fishing boats up the quay because it is a little bit exposed on the bottom end. So hopefully it won't be too bad for us. But it's just the nature of the sea, isn't it?”

Ian Spencer preparing his trawler 'The Atlantis' Credit: ITV West Country

Trawler Fisherman Ian Spencer has been making sure everything on his vessel, The Atlantis, is safely bolted down and ready for the upcoming storm.

Mr Spencer said: “We tend to just make sure we have got plenty of tyres and fenders out and lots of heavy, strong ropes and the longer ropes to absorb the movement of the boat. So it's not smashing against the quay too much.”

The storm comes after a weekend of flooding and five families had to leave their homes after a retaining wall collapsed causing a landslip

The steep hills and the views over the harbour are what make Looe such an attractive place to live, however when it rains heavily they also mean the soil is more prone to washing down.

Three years ago one of the major roads in and out of the town was closed because of an unsafe wall caused by a landslip

One of the worst landslides in recent memory happened ten years ago when a house collapsed on Sandplace Road during torrential rain killing a 68-year-old woman.

Dr Sarah Boulton, Associate Professor of Science at The University of Plymouth, said: “Looe is an area that has experienced significant landslides in the past. But our entire coastline around the southwest area has the potential for landslides to a greater or lesser degree.”

Looe, Cornwall Credit: ITV West Country

Mayor of Looe, Tony Smith, said: “One of the things we've been doing in our neighbourhood plan is asking for stability reports before buildings are being made.

“We think it is very important that we get those reports done so that we know what the risk is and that the risk can be mitigated as far as possible.”