Tewkesbury bonfire night event cancelled due to flooding following Storm Ciarán

Tewkesbury vineyard is waterlogged meaning the event will not be able to go ahead. Credit: BPM Media.

Tewkesbury bonfire night has been cancelled for the second year in a row, this time due to flooding caused by Storm Ciarán.

Organisers behind the annual event announced that because the Vineyard field is waterlogged and more rain is forecasted to come in the next couple of days, the event cannot go ahead.

The Tewkesbury Rotary Club announced the decision on the night of Thursday 2 November, which means the event scheduled for Saturday 4 November will not be taking place.

The event was also cancelled last year due to a lack of volunteers and no displays took place during the pandemic.

This is also not the first time the event has been cancelled due to flooding, which was why the bonfire celebration was axed in 2019.

Reacting to the news on the Open Tewkesbury Noticeboard Facebook page, members expressed their disappointment that the display would not be going ahead.

One user said: "Knew this would happen with the rain today and all last week. So sad though.

"Was looking forward to this, thank you though as I know they (Rotary Club) must be gutted too."

Another added: "Totally understand the decision, fingers crossed for better conditions next year."