'Swindon Town is not for sale' - Club owner Clem Morfuni denies rumours

Swindon Town owner Clem Morfuni. Credit: Swindon Town Football Club

Swindon Town's owner Clem Morfuni has squashed rumours that the club is up for sale.

Rumours started circulating on social media that the Australian, who bought the club two years ago, was looking to sell.

It came just after the team's 7-4 defeat to Aldershot Town in the FA Cup.

In an open letter to supporters he addressed the defeat and answered the questions fans had been asking on social media.

He also confirmed that he had injected a further £250,000 to 'stabilise' the club's financial future.

The statement to supporters also reflected the recent purchase of the club's County Ground stadium, and outlined plans to improve supporter's experience.

"I felt it was important to write to you all after the shocking 7-4 defeat we suffered against Aldershot in the FA Cup yesterday," he said.

"I want to address not only this embarrassing loss but also provide clarity on a series of stories that have been circulating on social media.

"Firstly, I want to acknowledge the huge disappointment you must all be feeling, and let you know I share the same pain. Football is a game that can deliver incredible highs and devastating lows and we’ve had lots of both in my short time as owner of Swindon Town FC.

The County Ground. Credit: ITV News

"As owner, I take full responsibility for everything that happens within our club and I'm writing this message to let you know I’m confronting the challenges head-on.

"I speak to Michael Flynn regularly about the football and the recruitment in my view, he has been exceptional this season this is why we offered Michael a new contract to reflect the start to the season that we have had so far.

"I have been having discussions with Michael Flynn and Jamie Russell regarding strengthening our squad in the January transfer window, which I will personally be overviewing.

"I understand that there has been a lot of speculation regarding the potential sale of the club, and I want to address the concerns and clear up any confusion. As I've emphasised before and will reiterate now: Swindon Town is not up for sale.

"However, from time to time we receive expressions of interest from potential people to buy the club entertaining such discussions does not equate to actively seeking a sale, even if some may interpret it that way.

"There have been reports and speculation concerning player payments and HMRC issues which I can confirm have been paid and also paid on time. In the past fortnight, I have injected £250,000 to stabilise the club and I will continue to stabilise the club as and when needed.

"We still encounter many difficulties due to the years of mismanagement from the prior ownership and these challenges are still painstakingly being worked through and paid for me.

"The current club revenue is not sufficient to cover the costs to run the club, with existing deals in place that have been active for years that don’t make us any money and benefit others tremendously.

"Yesterday’s result was heartbreaking, but the early season has been filled with promise we need your patience, and we need your support more than ever during these difficult moments.

"As stated already, we have a plan - we're actively working on strategies to increase revenue and to get promotion into League 1 and beyond.

"I understand why you are disappointed and upset right now as I’m I and the rest of the team is. I want to emphasise that I am with you on that and assure you that I am 100% committed to Swindon Town.

"Thank you for all your support and I look forward to seeing you all before Christmas."