'Very impressive parking' - Bristol fire crews called to car stuck on top of hedge

Credit Bedminster Fire Station. Car in hedge.
The car's passengers were unharmed. Credit: Bedminster Fire Station

Firefighters in Bristol were called to what they described as a "very impressive" piece of parking when a car got stuck on top of a hedge.

Bedminster Fire Station shared a photo of the incident on Sunday 5 November.

They said: "Bonfire weekend never fails to keep us on our toes.

"(We were called to) everything from a sausage dog stuck in decking, water rescues, plenty of tracking down bonfires, a large shed fire caused by fireworks and this very impressive piece of parking..."

The photo shows a car wedged on top of a hedge.

The fire service confirmed all passengers got out safely, saying: "All out safe, just the flying car left in situ."