Hundreds attend funeral of Cornish paratrooper after family's appeal

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The funeral of a former World War Two paratrooper took place in Cornwall.

Herbie Bray, who died last month at the age of 97, served in Germany in 1945. He was thought to be one of the country's last-serving World War Two British paratroopers.

His family invited members of the public to join the funeral procession in Mullion - and so many turned up, there wasn't room in the church for everyone.

Tom French said Herbie was 'unassuming' and loved his family. Credit: ITV News

Tom French, chairman of the Royal Cornish Parachute Regimental Association, said: "It's always an honour to turn out for any of our veterans, but especially our president.

"I'm quite sure Herbie wouldn't want any of this fuss, but I think he secretly would have been pleased.

"I think the family are happy. We come and tell them what we can do and we're guided by what they want. We had a good turnout and I think they're well pleased. And Herbie would be as well, he'd be happy as a sandboy."

Herbie died last month at the age of 97. Credit: Family photo

After the war ended, Herbie returned to Mullion, bringing up his grandsons, captaining the local football team and becoming a key part of this community.

Mr French added: "He was just like the millions of men who went to war. So unassuming, they don't think they're special. But they are, we know they are.

He just came home and lived life to the full. War was an important part, but it didn't take over his life. He loved where he was, he loved his family."