Man who set fire to his Swindon home while on the phone to his partner jailed

Ramsey was sentenced to three years and four months in prison. Credit: Wiltshire Police

A man who set fire to his home in Swindon while on the phone to his partner has been jailed.

Adam Ramsey, 35, of Downton Road, Penhill, was sentenced to three years and four months in prison after admitting causing the fire at the address where the pair lived.

On 21 July, Ramsey poured fuel over the carpet of the property while on the phone to his partner before setting it alight.

There was nobody else in the home at the time, but his actions "forced" others who lived there to move out as it was uninhabitable following the blaze.

Ramsey was arrested the same evening of the fire. He was subsequently charged and remanded into custody.

On 7 November, Ramsey pleaded guilty to a charge of arson with recklessness as to whether life was endangered.

Detective Constable Victoria Barker said: “Ramsey’s actions were incredibly dangerous and it is extremely fortunate that the fire didn’t take hold of any of the neighbouring properties and potentially put lives at risk.

“The property has unfortunately suffered significant damage and has been left in an uninhabitable state which has forced the other people who lived at the property out of their home.

“I’d like to praise the quick response of the fire service for their excellent work in stopping the fire from spreading, and thank the member of the public who was able to give us an accurate description of Ramsey after witnessing him leaving the property.

“Ramsey pleaded guilty at the first opportunity and I am pleased that he’s now been jailed, where he can reflect on his unacceptable actions.”