Portishead pub landlord celebrates 50 years of pulling pints

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A pub landlord in Portishead is celebrating 50 years behind the bar.

Vic Long has been pouring pints at The Ship since it opened on 8 November 1973. He's in charge of the pub he built himself at a time when Portishead looked quite different.

"Portishead was very different, we had two power stations, a lot of work has gone into [it]. There were 320 caravans opposite and when I first built it there were two bars and there wasn't a top storey.

The Ship has undergone various redevelopment work since it was originally built in 1973.

"Beer was 11 pence a pint when we first opened and I let it go free until 9 o clock and I took seventy pounds that night."

He described some of the famous faces he's had coming through the door: "Atomic Kitten - she was looking for a house with a Bristol City footballer, caused a bit of a sensation among the older customers as you can imagine."

Vic shared his secret behind becoming one of the country's longest running landlords.

"I could say I don't know anything else but I could say just keep at it and try and run it professionally and try and keep a good pint and hope people come in."

Vic Long has been pouring pints at The Ship for 50 years.

Vic was born locally and grew up in Portishead and has celebrated his 80th birthday.

One local Pete has been going to The Ship for 20 years and another John said "the beer and the people, and the landlord obviously" is what makes the pub so special.