Inside disused water pumping station that's been turned into a holiday let in Penzance

The property is said to be less suited to "tall people or large people". Credit: BPM Media.

A former water pumping station in Penzance that sold for thousands has been converted into Cornwall's latest quirky holiday let.

Greenbank Water Pumping Station used to help provide water to the town from Drift Reservoir but was sold off by South West Water in 2013.

The tiny room full of industrial machinery then returned to the market with a guide price of £18,250 last year, before being sold at auction.

The owner has kept many of the pumping site's original features - and converted them into furniture. Credit: BPM Media.
The room includes a shower and a toilet as well as a fold-up double bed and a kitchen. Credit: BPM Media.

But now the site has been revamped and offers a double bed, bathroom and kitchen, alongside heavy pumps.

Ryan Lee, who bought and transformed the industrial space has kept many of the room's original features, turning them into stools and a coffee table.

The Old Pumping Station has an innocuous entrance on the side of a street. Credit: BPM Media.
Credit: BPM Media.

He has now christened the room as The Old Pumping Station - but has said the 'Hobbit House' might not be for everyone.

Ryan has said the site is "not recommended for tall people or larger people".

He added: "Please note this property is more about the experience, if you want five-star and pure luxury then a five-star hotel is much more up your street."

The pumping room used to be a dark and noisy room full of industrial equipment. Credit: BPM Media.
But now features several mod cons having been bought for thousands of pounds last year. Credit: BPM Media.