Weston-super-Mare dance school prepares for Dance World Championships in Florida

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A dance school in Weston-super-Mare are heading to Florida for the Dance World Championships.

Bellatrix Dance Company which teaches hip hop to people from the age of five has earned a place at the USASF Dance World Championships in Florida next year. 

A group of 38 are preparing for the World Championships. 

One dancer said: “I’m excited but I’m also nervous because it’s a really big competition and it’s on the other side of the world.”

A group of 38 are preparing for the World Championships. Credit: ITV News

Another said: “It’s really overwhelming but it’s also an enormous sense of pride. It’s not very heard of - a small team from Weston-super-Mare competing at the Dance World Championships in the United States.”

One said: “Even if we don’t win, it will be such a fun team experience. I think it will be amazing.” 

Sisters Bella and Jess started the dance company five years ago with just five dancers and now there’s more than 200 members. 

Bella said: “We’ve been working really really hard and we feel ready to take that next big step. We know that the girls are going to do us proud no matter what. And we’re just really excited. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.” 

Sisters Bella and Jess started the dance school five years ago. Credit: ITV News

Jess said: “It’s the biggest competition in dance. The fact we’re going is just amazing in itself.” 

Bella and Jess say they take pride in offering more than dance classes. 

Jess said: “We use this place for them to come in and just forget about everything at home. Any troubles going on outside, in school - they can just come here, forget about it all and just dance.”

Bella said: “We are a big family and everyone that comes to BDA become a part of that family and we’re really grateful we’ve been able to create something that everyone loves and feel so passionate about.”

The Dance World Championships take place in April 2024.