Glastonbury Festival 2024 coach tickets sell out in 25 minutes

The first of two ticket sales for Glastonbury Festival 2024 will take place on the evening of Thursday 16 November. Credit: PA

Coach tickets for Glastonbury Festival 2024 have sold out in less than half an hour tonight, Thursday 16 November.

The sale was two weeks later than initially planned after an issue involving registrations meant some people were not eligible to buy tickets despite believing they were.

Organisers reopened registration and the coach sale took place at 6pm before the general sale takes place at 9am on Sunday 19 November.

Tickets were sold via and will cost £355 plus a £5 booking fee. People needed to pay a £75 deposit for their ticket plus the full coach fare at the time of booking. Ticket balances will be due in April.

None of the headliners have been revealed for next year's festival, but Madonna, Dua Lipa, Coldplay and Harry Styles are all among those rumoured.

We'll have the latest updates here:

  • 6.30pm update - Confirmation emails going out

See Tickets wrote on X - "Confirmation emails are going out now to everyone who got @Glastonbury coach tickets this evening."

  • 6.24pm update - COACH TICKETS SELL OUT


Wednesday coach tickets are now sold out Credit: Mariana Hdez.

See Tickets wrote on X: "Wednesday coach tickets for @Glastonbury 2024 are now sold out, limited departures are still available for Thursday departures."

  • 6.16pm update - The first official See Tickets update

  • 6.14pm update - People are starting to worry...

  • 6.11pm update - Some very sophisticated set-ups on the go

Some very sophisticated set-ups on the go Credit: @d20diceman
  • 6.10pm update - Official SeeTickets post on X

  • 6.07pm update - Thousands - maybe millions - of people are in the queue

  • 6:06pm update - We're in!

This is what you'll see after the first tickets page. Credit: Glastonbury Festivals
  • 6.05pm update - Frustration as site goes down

  • 6.00pm update - TICKETS GO ON SALE

Our webpage has crashed - we're hoping it reloads soon.

  • 5.55pm update - With just five minutes to go, the loading page has appeared on the Glastonbury website.

It reads: "Registration is now closed. The dates for Glastonbury ticket sales are as follows:


  • 5.30pm update

There's just half an hour to go until the sale so make sure you have your details ready, get comfortable and take a look at some tips and tricks below.

Seven tips and tricks for getting Glastonbury Festival tickets

1. Make sure you're registered - if you aren't registered, you can't get tickets.

2. Know your dates - make sure you've set an alarm and your devices are turned on ready to go in plenty of time for the sale.

3. Decide on your group of six - make sure there are no awkward last-minute decisions to be made if you get through. If there are more than six of you, decide how you will split into groups before the sale.

4. Stick to your group - if you're in more than one group and get through, it could prevent other people from getting through if they add your registration after your ticket has already been secured.

4. Have all your details ready - have all of your group's names, registration numbers and postcodes ready to paste across into the booking page.

5. Have your payment card ready - make sure you have enough money to cover the £75 deposit for all of your party in your account and have your card details saved or typed out ready to copy and paste across.

6. Limit how many devices you use - organiser Emily Eavis has previously asked fans to limit themselves to one device and one browser to stop the site overloading.

7. Refresh, refresh, refresh - keep trying, and don't lose hope!