'Fed up, frustrated and angry': Protests held against Bibby Stockholm migrant barge on Portland

Woman with megaphone protesting against Bibby Stockholm migrant barge
"They are getting superior healthcare to us": Protesters demonstrate on Portland Credit: Dorset Media

Multiple protests have taken place on Portland to oppose the Bibby Stockholm barge, which is being used by the government to house asylum seekers.

Local residents of Weymouth and Portland from the 'No To The Barge' campaign group gathered to voice their continuing concerns, saying they are "fed up, frustrated and angry", on Sunday 19 November Campaigner Susan Phoenix said: "They promised everything. They were going to make sure they were working with all the local communities and none of that has happened. The infrastructure isn't there for them or the local people as far as we can see.

Protesters say their main concern is that resources have not been made available Credit: Dorset Media

She said: "We are here today to give voice to the ordinary people of this island who have been intimidated, annoyed and frustrated and we thought it was time they were able to come out without fear."

They were met by another protest group were also demonstrating on Portland. While they don't agree with housing migrants on a barge either, they believe the people themselves should be supported.

Anti-racism campaigners staged their own demonstration on Portland Credit: DORSET MEDIA

Co-Chair of Stand Up To Racism Dorset, Lynne Hubbard said: "We welcome the refugees and we want to continue that message that people on Portland have opened their hearts and organised activities to make the refugees welcome."

In response to both protests, a spokesperson for the Home Office said: “This is part of the government’s pledge to reduce the use of expensive hotels and bring forward alternative accommodation options which provide a more cost-effective, sustainable and manageable system for the UK taxpayer and local communities.”