'I love it' - kids in wheelchairs get on the ice as rink opens at Clark's Village

Clarks Village in Street has opened its winter ice rink with a session for children with disabilities.

Around 80 guests were invited from disability groups across the South West for the session which saw wheelchairs and prams getting on the ice.

Families attending the event were from charities including Children’s Hospice South West, bibic and Nova Sports and Coaching.

Eloise Keyworth-Wright from bibic said: "I think it makes a huge impact because they are able to be a family and do things that any other family could do and just be included in fun activities like this."

There were smiles all round from those taking part.

"I love it," said Rose, who had never been ice skating before.

Another said: "I haven't been on ice for ages so it's been really good to be able to get back on."

As well as wheelchairs and prams allowed on the ice, like many rinks across the region, special inclusive sessions are being run, including quiet ones.

Clarks Village centre director Chris Davis said: "There’s a lot less people on the ice as well, so not as congested, which is good, so you can have a much more freer reign around the ice rink.

"We also turn down the music, if that’s needed as well, so that obviously people can have a much quieter session."

The rink at Clarks Village is open until 7 January.