'It's so disappointing': Exeter road closures stop Father Christmas from visiting

Exeter Round Table's Santa float will be travelling through the city between 4 and 14 December. Credit: Exeter Round Table

Organisers of an annual Santa float in Exeter have said it will "not be possible" to visit certain areas as a result of the city's Traffic Neighborhoods (LTNs).

The Devon County Council scheme, launched in August as an 18-month trial, aims to reduce traffic by closing roads in the Heavitree and Whipton areas in the city.

But organisers of the Santa float said they have had to change the route as a result of the road closures and will no longer be able to visit these areas.

"We have decided not to visit Heavitree and Whipton due to the LTN blocking our route in two places," Martyn from Exeter Round Table said.

The annual Santa float will be travelling through the West Clyst area of the city for the first time. Credit: Exeter Round Table

He added: "I did try and find an alternative route, but it was not p

ossible due to the various bus gates and bollards."

It is the first time in at least a decade that the Santa float won't be travelling through Heavitree, which has left some residents "disappointed."

Campaigners against the scheme are calling for the trial to be stopped because they claim it is adversely impacting the lives of residents.

A spokesman for Devon County Council said: "Every property within the footprint of the trial is still accessible by car, so with a little re-think of the route, there shouldn't be any reason why Father Christmas's sleigh can't still get around to see everyone."