Weston-super-Mare woman on how she took amazing 'nesting gannets' photo

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A woman from Weston-super-Mare has been recognised for her beautiful wildlife photography.

Zoe Ashdown's picture of nesting gannets has been highly-commended in The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, which aims to capture animals in amusing poses.

She was visiting RSPB Bempton Cliffs, in Yorkshire, where half a million seabirds nest on the cliff-face every year.

Northern gannets are among the species that call it home and Zoe had her eye on one nest in particular.

"They're really affectionate. When one returns to the nest they greet each other and they bang their beaks together. They make lots of noise. Their wings flap," Zoe said.

Another example of Zoe's photography. Credit: Zoe Ashdown Photography

She wanted to photograph this behaviour, so she spent a long day watching the pair flitting in and out of their nest.

It was only when she flicked through the pictures that evening that she spotted the "money shot" of the pair seemingly posing, with their chick in the middle.

She said that, despite waiting for hours, in her opinion no one ever finds their "perfect" shot. "Sometimes it's just luck," she added.

Zoe encouraged other amateur photographers to pick up their cameras and start snapping.

"I only started five years ago. It's a hobby where you get to be outdoors, you get to experience nature, but also you get to be creative," she said.