'You feel really alone': Homeless struggle in the cold as council triggers emergency measures

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Freezing temperatures have triggered emergency protocols from local councils aimed at helping rough sleepers into emergency accommodation.

Tobias is sleeping rough for the first time and has been staying in a tent for six weeks.

Wiltshire Council has helped him into a hotel temporarily, because of the weather, but he's told ITV News it's still a difficult time.

He said: "You feel like you've got no one to help you, you feel really alone.

"It's a big upgrade, I couldn't believe it, places like Doorway help me out massively."

Doorway, a charity based in Chippenham, has questioned why people aren't helped sooner.

Kev Long, from the charity, said: "In Wiltshire it tends to be when forecasts are sub-zero for three nights in a row. I don't see why it couldn't be two nights in a row or one night."

"With Storm Ciarán, it was extremely wet - and fundamentally, for rough sleepers, keeping dry is a big survival tactic."

Wiltshire council has said they take a flexible approach to their emergency weather plans.

Councillor Richard Clewer, leader of the council, said: "We have our outreach workers out 365 days a year constantly engaging, constantly offering help and support.

"If they're willing to take the help then taking them up on it and taking them in and getting them in at that stage because that's when we get people to rebuild their lives and get off the streets for good."