Cheltenham bus lane enforcement cameras go live

The bus lane cameras come into force from Monday 4 December. Credit: BPM Media

New bus lane enforcement cameras have gone live in Cheltenham.

Gloucestershire County Council is rolling out a series of cameras across the road network to catch bad driving, reduce congestion, and improve safety for pedestrians and motorists.

Following a public consultation, the scheme is now being rolled out, starting with three cameras to enforce bus-only lanes around Cheltenham.

They are in two areas, near GCHQ and on Barley Road in Prestbury.

The council says motorists who drive in the bus lanes during the first few weeks will receive a warning before being fined.

The bus lanes with the new enforcement cameras are at the B4063 Gloucester Road inbound bus lane Arle Court, Cheltenham, the A40 inbound Benhall, Cheltenham, and Barley Road, Prestbury.

Gloucestershire County Council says traffic surveys were carried out at 14 sites around the county between November 2021 and March 2022.

At nearly all of the locations, people have been injured in crashes.

The automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system was announced in September 2022 when the council asked the Department for Transport for powers to enforce the rules of the road. This helps the police to focus on other priorities.

From January, drivers across the county will be able to see cameras going up in particular trouble spots for driving offences.

These include stopping in a yellow box junction, taking a banned turn, going the wrong way in a one-way street or driving down a prohibited road.

Cllr Dave Norman, cabinet member for road safety, said: “The majority of road users safely adhere to the rules of the road, however a small number do not, which poses a risk to everyone.

“We have identified several locations where ANPR cameras would help to prevent collisions, so they can act as a deterrent to people who are tempted to breach the rules. This will help to improve road safety and also encourage walking and cycling.”