Emotional moment owner reunited with missing puppy lost in Forest of Dean for nearly two weeks

  • Watch the moment Darcie was reunited with her owner (Credit: Becky Read)

A woman has said she is "speechless" after being reunited with her puppy who was missing for nearly two weeks.

Amie Morgan, from south Wales, had left her cockapoo Darcie with her sister-in-law when she went missing.

She said her sister-in-law was taking the 6-month-old puppy for a walk in the Forest of Dean when she became frightened and pulled on the lead.

Ms Morgan said her sister-in-law, who was also carrying a baby at the time, fell over as a result and Darcie darted off.

After 11 days outside in wet and freezing conditions, Darcie was reunited with Ms Morgan in the evening on Tuesday 5 December.

She was found near one of the food stations in the woods which had been made by the Forest of Dean Dogs Lost and Found group.

Ms Morgan said: "I was very shocked when I received the call at first. I was almost speechless - it was absolutely amazing!

"I think it was the hardest 12 days, or eleven days of my life. I was just absolutely heartbroken when she went missing."

Amie said it was like Darcy had never been away when she returned home. Credit: Amie Morgan

Ms Morgan said she received huge support from the community, with people travelling up to 40 miles to come and look for Darcie.

"We had a massive, massive support network from the Forest of Dean community, and not even just from the Forest of Dean," she said.

She added: "We had drone searches out, with drones in the area, but because of the density in the forest the visibility was quite poor.

"We then had people out searching on foot and using thermal cameras, and then we decided to set up trails using wildlife cameras and put food stations there."

Ms Morgan said "it was like she'd never been away" when Darcie returned home.

"She jumped straight up on the sofa. She pulled all her soft toys out of her basket, and she was running around playing until 4am this morning. She wouldn't let me go to bed!"