Small landslide closes beach in Clevedon

Credit: North Somerset Council

A beach in North Somerset has temporarily closed following a small landslide.

North Somerset Council had to stop access to Ladye Bay beach in Clevedon on Wednesday 6 December.

The council has urged people to continue avoiding the area, in case further landslides occur.

The council said: "We have had to stop access for health and safety reasons due to a small landslide.

"Please avoid the area as further small landslides may occur.

"Anyone visiting the coast should keep away from cliff edges and the base of cliffs due to continued erosion."

The council has reassured that the landslide isn't a concern.

It added: "This type of coastal erosion is normal for this part of the coast in North Somerset.

"We're monitoring the situation and plan to re-open access to the beach once we've been able to cordon off the affected area and install signage warning people of the danger of falling rocks.

"Thank you for your understanding. Please keep an eye on our page for updates."