Police advise people to 'hide Christmas presents' after Sherston home burglary

A pile of Christmas presents were stolen during the break-in. Credit: PA

A family's Christmas presents were stolen after burglars broke into their home.

Wiltshire Police said multiple rooms were searched during the robbery, which happened at around 11:40pm on Monday 11 December at a property in Sherston, Wiltshire.

Officers believe the burglars used a vehicle and made "more than one journey" to steal the gifts from the house on Tetbury Road.

Inspector Liam Winstone said the burglary was "even more upsetting" for the victims so close to Christmas.

He added: “If you are going away or out for an evening over the festive period, please consider hiding Christmas presents, ensure lights are left on or on a timer, try to leave a vehicle on your driveway so it would appear somebody is home and install security cameras if possible."

Police are appealing for anyone with information to get in touch.