North Somerset man on 'life-changing' decision to become care worker

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A man from Weston-super-Mare has opened up about making the life-changing decision to train in social care.

Yves Tshomba is a reablement practitioner with Access for Care, one of North Somerset Council's care companies. He decided to enter the social care sector after seeing an advert on TV during the pandemic.

We joined him for a day at work and meet some of those receiving his care.

One client, Christopher Banting put into words how integral his care really is. "This level of service from Yves and countless people like him makes such a difference, makes such a life as mine possible."

"In addition to the quasi-medical things that Yves does he also provides those social interactions that make life worth living."

Yves told us every day is rewarding. "It's amazing, it's why all of us carers not just me - but every single carer out there, decides to do this profession because you get to see people being independent, not being stuck at home the whole entire day.

"Our goal and purpose is to have our client to tell us not to come any more because they are doing well so they can go out there and enjoy the day like everybody else.

Service Manager, Wendy Finnegan at Access Your Care said Yves story shows social care is many people can turn their hand to.

"It isn't always about the training, it's about having the right values and actually caring about getting up in the morning and going to do something that you know is going to make a difference to somebody's life."

Yves helps Richard move around his home

One of Yves' clients Richard Rees says the support of Yves and the team has been vital.

"The more you do, the more you want to do and the more you can do - you've got this gentle push coming all the time and the feeling of people who actually do care about you.

"When you've got that positive vibe coming at you all the time and the motivation, it really does push you to do more and try and do more."

Despite being classed as quadriplegic with help from Yves and the team Richard has learned to walk again and said it felt like "winning the lottery".

"The involvement of Yves and the other team was massive as you've got a crowd of people around you all pushing you, all motivating you."

Yves won the Home Care Worker Award at the National Great British Care Awards in March 2023 after being nominated by his colleagues and clients.