Devon runner takes on 12 days of Christmas half marathons for premature baby

Runner Jack Base
Jack Base Credit: Harry Base.

A runner from Tavistock has taken on the challenge of running the 12 half marathons of Christmas - all to raise money for premature baby charity, Bliss.

Jack Base began the challenge on 14th December, and ran a half marathon every day, finishing his more than 150 mile streak on Christmas day in his hometown.

Jack has said the feat proved harder than he thought it would be.

He said: "I think five days in I thought it was the easiest thing in the world, and then lo and behold on Christmas day I was limping into the finish line, which kindly the parents laid out for me. It was very tough!"

Halle Bojarski-Hobbs Credit: Family picture

But it was all for a good cause. Jack's niece, Halle Bojarski-Hobbs was born in January this year at just 26 weeks. Jack's epic running adventure has helped to raise money for the premature baby charity that supported her.

He said: "It was a bit of a shock, coming up to the Christmas period and coming down for a festive time and the next thing you know you're in hospital for the next three months, dotted all over the place. So I think that was one of the main motivations for me to do it.

"People aren't always in lucky situations when this happens, they don't choose for this to happen and it brings a lot of extra stress into people's lives."

Halle Bojarski-Hobbs Credit: Family picture

Thankfully after her tough start, Halle is now thriving and has enjoyed her first Christmas. Jack says that both Halle and her family are looking forward to her first birthday in January.