Flood damage is 'heartbreaking', say Gloucester's evacuated residents

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Residents of Longford in Gloucester have spent the day assessing the damage after flood water poured into dozens of homes forcing people to evacuate.

Water levels have steadily fallen throughout the day after the River Severn peaked on Friday morning. There were more than 20 flood warnings across the county.

Residents say this is the worse flooding since 2007.

Jacky Hartley said: "I just cannot put it into words. I really cannot. It's just so heartbreaking. My uncle is gonna lose everything. Everything in this kitchen will have to go. It's heartbreaking for a man of his age to go through this year after year."

Jacky's uncle, Ivan Hofton, has lived in his property since 1978. He has been flooded six times before.

Mr Hofton said: "It's part of life isn't it? You can only take what comes. If I had a wish, I wish it would not come in. But you cannot stop the water."

Paige Dooley, who lives a few doors down, was in the middle of renovating her house when the water breached her flood defences.

Ms Dooley said: "It's a relief that the levels have dropped but it is stressful to see all your belongings underwater. We were mid-renovating this room and putting a new kitchen in. The plaster had dried but now it's wet again."

Dozens of homes in Longford remain submerged in flood water but with drier weather forecast, it's hoped the water levels will continue to fall over the coming days.