'Do not swim': Warning at Perranporth beach after pollution incident

  • Watch: ITV West Country's Sam Blackledge reports

Surfers and swimmers have said an agricultural sewage spill at a popular Cornish beach is "extremely worrying."

The Environment Agency (EA) said it was made aware of a "pollution incident" affecting Perranporth beach and the surrounding river catchment on Saturday 6 January.

It is believed that slurry spilt onto the beach following weeks of heavy rain.

The Environment Agency advised swimmers against going for a dip at the beach and said it is "monitoring" the situation.

The warning came as hundreds of swimmers from the national Bluetits sea swimming group were due to have a dip celebrating the fourth anniversary of the club.

"It's extremely worrying. It seems to be happening so much more now," Sarah Walsh, from Perranporth Bluetits, said.

She added: "It's 2024 - we should not have to worry about swimming in slurry or swimming in sewage.

"It was obviously an accident, but we should have the infrastructure in place to prevent that sort of thing happening really."

The Environment Agency said it is continuing to assess the impact and scale of what has happened, but that it is "likely" the water quality at the beach is affected.

People are also being urged to report sightings of fish in distress.