Hundreds of snowdrops unveiled as Devon House festival returns

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An open garden in Devon is showcasing hundreds of snowdrops as part of its annual festival.

The Garden House near Yelverton is showcasing hundreds of types of snowdrops it grows as part of the event.

Head Gardener Nick gave a tour of the 350 varieties and told ITV News West Country about some of their more enthusiastic of visitors.

"You will see the very keen will sometimes have an angled mirror on a stick so they can look at the inside of a snowdrop because that is obviously where some of the critical differences are.

"I personally think it's a kind of madness like any niche obsessional thing but it is also a collectors hobby so it is like anything that people kind of drill down into and are passionate about, even very subtle differences are important but there are varieties that are super distinct."

The Garden House is charity run and says anyone - whether you be an expert gardener or someone who just wants to enjoy some fresh air - is welcome.

Some regular visitors said there's always something special to see: "The snowdrops in particular are just amazing and there are so many different varieties, the garden is so peaceful. It's just got a really special air to it and its just a delight, absolute delight."

The gardens this time of year are open Fridays to Sundays and the snowdrop festival runs until 10 March.