'They're our babies': Pet goats return after being stolen from Dorset family

The goats have now safely returned home. Credit: Alice Hill

The owners of two goats that were stolen from a property in Dorset have said they 'couldn't be happier' now they've been returned home.

Couple Alice Hill and Lewis Eastment live at home with their parents in Marshwood after recently moving from St Albans in Hertfordshire.

They realised their pet Pygmy goats, called Margoat and Robbie had been taken on the evening of Thursday 11 January.

Speaking on that evening, Alice said: "We came out to put them to bed like we do every night. Then we came back outside at around 10:30 and they weren't in their pen.

"We were just thinking 'where could they have gone?' They generally don't go too far. We then looked at our CCTV and a car had pulled in and taken them.

"They'd come down our drive when we were at home in the living room with the lights on. It was the most gutwrenching feeling. I've never felt anything like that and I hope never to again."

The family then posted on social media, to try and locate the goats as quickly as possible.

"We got everything out as soon as possible on social media to get their faces out there." Alice added.

"I also called the police that evening and then the next morning they rang for a chat.

"They stayed in contact for the whole of that day to let us know where things were and what they were going to be doing, we just didn't know if we were going to see them again.

On the morning of Saturday 13 January, Alice received a call from Avon and Somerset Police to say the goats had been spotted in Yeovil.

She said: "By 1pm they were home again. They came back in a riot van, as if they were in custody! They've had quite the adventure.

"They're worthless to anyone else, but they're as good as a dog to us.

"We cannot thank everyone enough for sharing our post, liking it and keeping it moving."

Following the rescue, Dorset Police Rural Crime Team added: "*Stolen Goats recovered*"Following quick time enquires officers from Dorset Police and Avon and Somerset Police we have attended a address in Yeovil, Somerset today and recovered both stolen Pygmy goats."

Credit: Alice Hall

The family are now installing additional security on their property.

Alice added: "We've had to really up our security. We run an AirBnb and caravan site so we're having to be really careful who we let in.

"It's now how we go about running that but securely. We've enhanced our security and we've moved the goats to a different location and every night everything is locked up as best we can."