Two people rescued from abandoned mine in Cornwall after 14 hours 

The 19th century mine is no longer in use.  Credit: Devon Cave Rescue Organisation

Two people were rescued from an abandoned mine in Cornwall. 

At 7.40pm on Saturday 4 February Devon Cave Rescue Organisation were alerted to reports of two people trapped in Phoenix Mine, Linkinhorne. 

The 19th century mine is no longer in use. 

East Cornwall Search and Rescue, paramedics, the Hazardous Area Response Team, and police all attended the rescue too. 

The rescue mission finished around 1am on Sunday 4 February. Credit: Devon Cave Rescue Organisation

Initial reports suggested that two people were trapped in the mine, and one person was stuck in suspension on ropes. They had entered the mine at 11am that morning.

A friend raised the alarm when the party failed to return. 

This friend managed to lower the suspended person party down to the safety of a ledge. 

One of the people trapped in the mine managed to get to the surface before crews got there. 

Crews used a specialist cave stretcher during the rescue. Credit: Devon Cave Rescue Organisation

The other person trapped was 45ft down the mine shaft, on the edge of a ledge with a significant drop next to him. This person was exhausted and suffering from injuries according to the rescue team.

Crews abseiled down the shaft to stabilise the people and get them back to safety using a specialist cave stretcher. 

They were hauled out to the surface shortly before 1am on Sunday 4 February, and then taken to hospital for further checks. 

Devon Cave Rescue Organisation said: “A long cold wet night for our team of volunteers but one with a good outcome.”