Mikey Roynon, 16, stabbed to death at birthday party in Bath, court hears

Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

A teenager was fatally stabbed in the neck with a large “zombie knife” during a house party in Bath, a court has heard.

Mikey Roynon, 16, got into a fight with three other boys carrying blades on Saturday 10 June.

Bristol Crown Court heard on Monday 5 February that the defendants, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had travelled to Bath on a bus from Devizes as part of a group of eight boys.

Christopher Quinlan KC, prosecuting, told the jury Mikey had also travelled to Bath on a different bus from his home in Kingswood with his own group of friends.

Trouble between Mikey’s group and the defendants’ group flared in the garden of the house hosting the birthday party, which around 50 people were attending.

Mr Quinlan said friends of the defendants anticipated “trouble” and “expected drama”, and both groups were armed with knives.

He added: “The events you are concerned with happened quickly and unexpectedly, and frightening for those that witnessed the events and its aftermath.

“These three defendants are young. Not withstanding that, what the prosecution say was they were involved in very serious criminality, which two of them have pleaded guilty, and having in their possession knives taken to the party – one each and substantial knives.

“We are not talking about a pen knife – what we are talking about is substantial weapons.

“Those knives I have shown you are substantial. If you use a knife of that kind, you can only intend to kill or cause really serious harm if you do what we say (Boy A) did and put it into the neck of someone else.”

The court heard Mikey was bleeding heavily from a wound to his neck and collapsed on the driveway of the party venue in Eastfield Avenue, Weston.

Police, paramedics and doctors were quickly at the scene of the incident but could not save Mikey’s life.

The defendants fled the scene and later disposed of their weapons, and two were recovered by the police, the court was told.

The defendants, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, deny murder.

Boy A and Boy B have pleaded guilty to possessing a bladed article, which Boy C denies.

The trial was adjourned until Tuesday.