Dolphin rescued from muddy inlet after becoming stranded in Cornwall

  • Footage from BDMLR/Dan Jarvis shows the dolphin being rescued from the inlet.

A stranded common dolphin has been rescued from a muddy inlet at Place, near Portscatho, in Cornwall.

At around 11:40am on Friday 16 February, the lone common dolphin was reported to British Divers Marine Life Rescue circling in the shallows.

A couple of volunteers from the team's medics were sent down to see how the dolphin was doing and to assess whether it would be able to get away by itself.

After an hour and a half or so of observation, the risk of stranding increased significantly as the tide went out.

A larger response team was dispatched with more equipment and the animal became stranded in the mud, falling onto its side.

Luckily the team was on hand to help get it upright again quickly, then bring it ashore to begin providing first aid.

No obvious injuries could be found and it measured 2.03m, and was later confirmed as female.

The female dolphin was carefully checked over. Credit: BDMLR/ Dan Jarvis

It was decided the dolphin was well enough to try and refloat. A resident had his boat tender moored nearby and was happy to use it as a transport craft to take the dolphin out to deeper water.

A surfboard was placed on one side with a soft mat on top for the dolphin to comfortably lie on during the journey.

When ready, the dolphin was carried across in a tarpaulin, transferred to a mesh stretcher, and loaded on board with a team of four medics.

The boat then carefully made its way out to the mouth of the Percuil River, facing into Carrick Roads and close to open sea for the release. The dolphin quickly swam away.

The area will be monitored over the weekend for resightings or restrandings, but it is hoped that she will recover successfully and continue back out to sea.