Special birthday party held for those born in a leap year

Watch ITV West Country's Jacquie Bird join the 'leapers' at their special party

A special party has been held in the West Country to celebrate people reaching key birthdays - with some of those attending turning 16 and 18.

But these guests were all born in the last century - and came together today because they were born on 29 February in a leap year.

The 'leaplings' - as they call themselves - had travelled from across the southwest to celebrate together on their special day which takes place every four days.

Christopher Darwin, who organised the event, said: "The older you get, the less you count how old you are... but I am glad to have made it to my 20th birthday.

"I do have one regret: For the last 28 years, I've been an elderly teenager. But now I'll have to start acting like an adult because I'm 20!"

Lots of the attendees at the party were celebrating their teen birthdays - despite all being born in the 20th century.

Julian Totterdell travelled from Taunton to celebrate with his fellow leapers and found he also had a 'twin'.

Julia Allen was also born on 29 February of the same year - meaning they got to celebrate turning 14 together.

Stephen Luckwell told ITV West Country he had found another way of celebrating his birthday.

"Both days, 28 and the first," he said.

"I can't decide so I take three. Only three. If [the King] can have two, why can't I have three?", he added.

Pat Mitchell and Pauline Abbiss both found themselves celebrating their 17th birthday today - but say they feel older today than they did on their actual 17th.

"I think the mind says 17, but the body says otherwise," said Pat.

Pauline added: "I think I was very moody at 17 and I think it's an older and wiser moody [now]."