Swindon Town owner Clem Morfuni fined £10k after failing to declare share transfers

Clem Morfuni has been Swindon Town's owner since 2021

Swindon Town owner Clem Morfuni has been fined £10,000 after failing to declare a transfer of shares in the club.

The Independent Disciplinary Commission (IDC) issued the fine after the transfer had not been disclosed to the English Football League (EFL).

Mr Morfuni was charged on December 7 last year after not declaring to the club the transfer of a 17.1% shareholding to Mrs Hollie Kiely in September 2022.

In a statement, the EFL said: "This led to the Club breaching its requirements to disclose to the League details of any ‘Significant Interest’ shareholder with more than 10% of voting rights and failing to update the official club website for public record.

"The Club and Mr Morfuni admitted the charges, with the latter taking full responsibility for the breach.

"While the independent Disciplinary Commission acknowledged Swindon Town suffered an ‘inadvertent breach’ after Mr Morfuni’s administration error, the Club was issued with a reprimand and warning as to its future conduct."

Mr Morfuni has come under scrutiny from Swindon's fan base in the past year but claimed in November 2023 that the club is not for sale.

In January 2024, said he had no regrets over buying the team despite having to spend more than £8million clearing its debt.

The Australian has been the club's owner since summer 2021 and is overseeing the Robins' third consecutive League Two campaign.