'Everything is going up' - Parents and grandparents plead for Government help on Budget day

Watch Sam Blackledge's report from Newquay ahead of Budget day.

Parents and grandparents in Cornwall are pleading for Government help to ease their financial woes as Budget day approaches.

On Wednesday the Chancellor will deliver his spring budget in Westminster.

ITV West Country has been speaking to people in Newquay to find out what they are hoping for.

Caroline says she is facing difficult choices as a mum of a newborn. Credit: ITV News

'It's the basics, the essentials'

Mum of two Caroline Lawson, who recently gave birth to her second child, said: "It's not been easy. I've got two little ones, a newborn, so it's definitely taking its toll. It's the supermarket prices, the weekly food shop.

"Even thinking about taking the little ones out for activities. With my first, we'd be able to go swimming and all sorts. I'm really having to think about that with my second."

Caroline says the price of everything is still going up and she wants to see a further cut to inflation.

"It's the basics, the essentials really," she said. "If the price of the essentials could come down, I think that would really help families like myself."

Jenny Adamson wants more help for pensioners. Credit: ITV News

'I am embarrassed'

Jenny Adamson, who was visiting Newquay library with her grandchildren, wants more help for older people.

"I was brought up in the '50s and '60s, after the war, when nobody had any money. We lived on very little. I never bought any clothes until I was in employment until 23.

"We went to jumble sales, cut them up and made our own dresses. So I learned to live on very little.

"I've worked all my life, earned pensions, and I'm embarrassed by the amount they give pensioners.

"They have put another £500 in this winter to all pensioners. Some pensioners are very poor, but because of the way I was brought up I've always managed to build up pensions and have money there. But it's not the same for everybody."

Martine says she sometimes faces a choice between having a shower and putting the heating on. Credit: ITV News

'People are suffering'

Mum Martine, who did not want to give her surname, said she sometimes faces a choice between taking a shower and putting her heating on and wants the Government to put more money into housing.

"Things are really tight," she said.

"Rent is incredibly expensive, and there are not the jobs to sustain a decent standard of living here.

"Our electric is about £10 a day, food has gone up, just life has gone up which is not sustainable anymore. People are suffering."

Jonathan Start believes the UK is not building enough homes. Credit: ITV News

Estate agent Jonathan Lawson, who is director of the Newquay Business Improvement District, said: "The basic problem with the housing market is a lack of supply. We are not building enough homes."

Veryan Palmer, who runs Newquay's Headland Hotel, wants the Government to cut VAT rates for hospitality businesses.

"It would help businesses to survive," she said.

"It would just mean so much to businesses which are shutting left, right and centre across Cornwall at the moment."