Couple marry on GWR service after sharing first kiss on train

Leah Anderson Vince Smith tied the knot as the train travelled through the West Country Credit: GWR

A couple who met on a train have married in a special rail service travelling through the West Country.

Leah Anderson, 38, and Vince Smith, 39, asked Great Western Railway (GWR) if they could provide a centrepiece for their wedding, after realising how much trains meant in their romance.

Eight years ago, the newlyweds shared their first kiss on a train from Wokingham to Reading after enjoying a first date together.

Instead, GWR offered them the chance to have the whole ceremony on board.

The couple got hitched on a service from London to Swansea, travelling through Berkshire, Wiltshire and Somerset.

It's thought to be the first wedding in the UK to be entirely held on a moving train.

Vince and Leah tie the knot on board the train Credit: GWR

Leah explains: “We went for a coffee and then a pizza and just got on really, really well. On the way back, Vince was getting off at Wokingham.

"He went to leave and then ran back and kissed me. I knew from that first date we had something special.

“In those early days we travelled on the train all the time before Vince moved up to Farncombe. My dad worked on the railways for 51 years, so trains have always been a big part of my life.”

During the ceremony, Leah emerged through sliding doors and walked between the seats towards the groom. Her dad gave her away, alongside her six-year-old son Teddy.

After the couple said "I do", the speeches, wedding breakfast, and champagne toast were held in the dining car.

Family members left the train at Cardiff to wave off the newlyweds as they continued to Swansea for the honeymoon.

Amanda Burns, GWR sales and marketing director, said: “When we heard of Leah and Vince’s story, we asked ourselves what more we could do to help them as they embark on this very special journey together.

“Rail and rail travel is often romanticised; offering a gateway to new adventures, so what better way to embrace this than by actually holding their wedding on board? It ticks all the right boxes.”