Rishi Sunak tells ITV News there won't be a general election on May 2

ITV News Political Correspondent Harry Horton and Political Editor Robert Peston react to the prime minister's comments

There will not be a general election on May 2, Rishi Sunak has confirmed.

Speaking to ITV News, the prime minister said: "In several weeks time, we've got elections for police and crime commissioners, for local councils, for mayors across the country, they're important elections. That's what I'm focussed on.

"There won't be a general election on that day," he added.

Mr Sunak made the announcement during a visit to the southwest, where he visited Gloucester Rugby and Cheltenham General Hospital before being interviewed by ITV News West Country.

Speaking about the timing of the general election, Mr Sunak said: "I can see that the Labour Party are trying to whip up this idea that I'm about to call a general election. It's very deliberate, its because they want to avoid questions about how they're going to fund all of their spending commitments.

"So, look in seven weeks time we have local elections, including in Gloucester, where I was talking to them today, we have police and crime commissioner elections and we have mayoral elections.

"I am squarely focussed on those because they are important. There will not be a general election on that day. But when there is a general election, actually, what matters is the choice at that election."

Watch the moment Rishi Sunak rules out holding a general election on May 2, while speaking live on ITV News West Country

Mr Sunak added he believes people are less interested in when the election will be held than issues affecting voters, such as the cost-of-living.

Responding to criticism that people want to know a date for the election, Mr Sunak said: "Do you know what? I've been out all day in Gloucestershire, talking to people - not a single person actually asked me about it.

"But what people did ask me about is what are we doing to help them with the cost of living, what are we doing to help them get the healthcare they need.

"I was at Cheltenham [General] Hospital with the brilliant Alex Chalk [justice secretary], but we were there to actually see the team, because the government has invested in a brand new surgical hub there, getting the waiting lists down. Making an enormous difference to people."

Mr Sunak's full interview with ITV News West Country is available to watch on ITVX here.

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