First two peregrine falcon eggs of the season laid on top of Taunton Minster

  • Taunton Minster's female peregrine reveals her first two eggs of the season

The first two peregrine falcon eggs of 2024 have been laid at Taunton Minster, caught on camera by the team's webcam.

More than a month earlier than last year, the two falcon eggs were revealed by the church's female falcon on Saturday 16 March.

The same pair of falcons have been visiting the church since 2017 and mating together since 2018.

It was first looking like 2024 would be another successful year at the end of February.

Last month, Robin Morrison, from the Taunton Peregrine Falcon Project said: "Looks like our resident pair of Peregrines are planning on breeding again this year.

"Plenty of bonding, calling and visits to the gravel scrape over the last few days."

The first egg of the year was revealed just after midnight on Thursday 14 March.

The team will now monitor the falcons until the eggs hatch.

Peregrines are the fastest animals in the world, reaching diving speeds of more than 240 miles per hour.