'Chaos' on Tredworth's High Street as first mural of huge new project unveiled

The first mural was created by French street artist Nerone Credit: Stuart Doust

An artist transforming around 170 buildings on a high street has said the reaction to the first artwork has been "amazing".

Tash Frootko is working with a team of artists to paint homes, restaurants, shops and takeaways on Tredworth's High Street, in Gloucester.

The first mural, created by French street artist Nerone, was revealed earlier this week.

Ms Frootko said she "couldn't believe how many people loved it" when they dropped the scaffolding to unveil the artwork.

"It was chaos on the street, everyone was beeping their horns. It was like being at a party at rush hour in Gloucester on the corner of High Street and Tredworth Road," she said.

Street artist Nerone added: "We are getting really positive feedback from the community, and the children love that the neon words 'High Street Tredworth' look as if they are lit up."

Ms Frootko brightened up Hopewell Street last year.

Ms Frootko, who is known for her work transforming Gloucester's dilapidated streets, said the "huge" project is three times bigger than anything she has done before.

In total, 12 murals will be painted along the street by local, national and international artists.

Ms Frootko said she was drawn to the multiculturalism of Tredworth's High Street and wants to create a "huge outdoor art gallery" on the street.

"We're going to try our best to depict some of the history and culture of the communities here within the canvases," she said.

Ms Frootko said Tredworth's High Street seems to have "lost its way" Credit: Google Maps

Ms Frootko said she wants to try and "preserve" the history of the area, and that homes and businesses with original brickwork won't be painted.

The transformation is Ms Frootko's eighth project in Gloucester, and she is hoping it will inject new life into the city.

"Tredworth's High Street is so vibrant and friendly, but one thing that's holding it back is how it looks," she said.

"What I'd like to see, maybe as an impact of this transformation project, is to see more people that want to start opening businesses here, cause it's continually evolving."

The project, which is being funded by Gloucestershire County Council's Levelling Up Together Fund and Arts Council England, is expected to take three months to complete.